Loose leaf tea

Know someone that drinks tea and plays RPGs?

Well here are 3 teas that they should be drinking when they decide to hit start.

1)Sencha, a Japanese green tea, is the perfect choice. It has a fresh vegetative taste reminiscent of summertime.

2)Orange Pekoes are a popular pick among tea drinkers for it’s variety of flavours. Whether it’s Mango Mist, Chocolate, or Pumpkin Spice, there is a flavour for you or the gamer in your family.

3)Herbal teas not only taste great but may also have health benefits. While tea alone won’t help you drop weight or have other magical effects many tea sellers espouse, they are a much better option than soda and energy drinks.


  1. Nice work Andrew. Some of your font and colour background choices are not AODA complaint. Otherwise good work!

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